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About Us

     Welcome to our e-commerce site. Denim Exchange was established in 2001 in the city of South Gate, CA.  Our brick and mortar shop is well recognized and has provided the surrounding communities with the latest in sneakers and apparel.  We love to be involved in our community.  Our team is constantly looking for ways to be involved with those who have helped us grow.
  Denim Exchange is inspired by the street/urban/premium consumer.
We have always been big believers in not stereotyping people & it carries over into the brands we sell and how we merchandise our stores.  Denim Exchange has the capacity to carry huge selections and continuously strives to add the hottest brands to its portfolio.  We always look to represent brands that are connected at the roots of a movement, rather than simply reflecting the empty, blinged out corporate misrepresentations that flood the streets today. We currently operate 3 locations and looking to grow in the near future.  If you are a local customer, stop by any one of our stores and check us out. 
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